Our New Website is Live…Finally!

Well, here we go! After being talked grudgingly into this newfangled thing called “Internet Search” by the wonderful Aaron Wedemeyer almost 10 years ago, the launch of our first CYC website began and has been lovingly kept up by the equally wonderful Serra Hardy, despite her many moves across country and almost back. Thank you so very much for your kindness and time! Now that so many of our students find us by internet, we are excited to launch our new WordPress site, created by the very talented (and patient!) Joel Dualan of Pi Design in Camarillo (www.pidesign.com). Thank you also to Gordon Swanson (www.shadowsandlightimages.com ) and Pennie Englehardt (www.pportrait.com) for their efforts and time and sense of humor taking so many pictures of our students.

Our intention is to help you find answers to the many questions that arise when you first consider practicing yoga, to provide online registration and payment access, up to date schedule information, and most importantly a “feel” for what we do at Camarillo Yoga Center. What I hope you feel after seeing pictures of our students and teachers, is that we are real people, just like you. Media portrayals of yoga are such turn-offs for many people, and it saddens me that these stereotyped images keep people away from the genuine benefits of yoga: balanced physical and emotional health. In addition, at Camarillo Yoga, we have a spirit of community and camaraderie that isn’t simply about “working out,” but instead sharing this journey of developing as human beings through each age and stage of our lives.

It’s not easy trying to solve all the problems of communicating what we do through an internet site. If you have any suggestions, please E-Mail me so we can continue to improve. If you have any questions pertaining to your yoga practice, I will do my best to answer them. Our teachers are looking forward to meeting you and sharing their love of yoga with you. I am so happy you have found us.