“Adults need to play. We are working creatures, we are bonding creatures, and we are playing creatures.”

The title is a quote from John Kelly, a sociologist, and excerpted from an article by Elisha Goldstein, PhD from her article in the Huffington Post, “The Essential Ingredient You May be Missing for Happiness.” The article was posted on our Camarillo Yoga Friends page on Facebook today, by Alene Schultz-Murphy.  Thanks Alene, for waking me up from my computer-work fixation, and reminding me to do something just for the fun of it today.  Bob & I are planning to play tennis, which we rarely do, despite the fact that Bob coaches the boys tennis team at Buena High School in Ventura. We agreed that today wouldn’t be about him teaching me tennis, or me worrying that I will be creamed by his powerful forehand, or either of us thinking of all the “productive” things we could be doing on this, our one “non-workplace day”, but instead we will practice having fun. Read the article from the link below; I couldn’t have said it any better.  The practice of yoga is one of being in the moment, of being at one, and this doesn’t mean being serious all the time. As kids, we take fun seriously, and throw ourselves into it wholeheartedly.  As adults, we may become a little suspicious of people who seem to have too much fun, and put our “fun” on the back burner to things we “should be getting done.”  Yoga = Balance.  We are heading into a beautiful spring.. let’s do it with a spring in our step and have some fun!