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You don’t have to follow along and hope you get it right.  We Teach You Yoga!

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Laughter Yoga Classes

We teach you yoga!

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     It wasn’t easy to leave wonderful students and friends at The Yoga Loft, the Marina del Rey studio I began in the early 1990’s, but moving to Camarillo turned out to be a blessing in my life.  Having opened our doors with one student (now our beloved yoga teacher Cynthia Paul) in September 2001, we are now entering Year 18 in the Santa Rosa Plaza, on Santa Rosa Road.  The community of students who grace our classes is comprised of men, women and children of all ages, shapes and sizes, who practice yoga and mindfulness together, support community causes together, and laugh together, a lot!  Our teachers are mature adults who live in bodies that are not 20 years old and made of rubber – who care, empathize and spend the time to get to know you.

     What I love about teaching in Camarillo and onsite at corporations and universities in Ventura County, is the openness and enthusiasm of the students, without the pretentious “yoga attitude” and ego driven extremes of practice that have become popular as yoga has become a commercial commodity, rather than what it was meant to be, a mindful practice of good health and inner peace.  I am grateful that newcomers can walk in our doors, and feel welcome, supported and safe, and be taught what to do, rather than being left to imitate and follow along.  We are “regular” people, not gymnasts or acrobats. 

     Our goal is not to tie ourselves in knots, but instead to untie the knots that life brings us, physically and emotionally, so that we can live with joy and freedom in our bodies and minds.  From babies to those heading for 100, we recognize and honor individual differences, and help each person develop a practice that fits at this time in their lives.  Now that we are all living longer, it is crucial to learn about our physical bodies and what we need to do to maintain strength, range of motion, balance and proprioception  as we age, and this process can’t begin when we are 80!  Our middle years (late 30’s to early 70’s!) are really the time to develop the health habits that will help us live active, energetic lives well into our later years.

     The practice of Mindfulness is central to everything we do, from yoga, to classes with children and teens, special workshops for classroom teachers, to our 9 week “Learn Mindfulness Meditation” Courses for Adults.  Mindfulness can be defined as “paying attention in the present moment, with open curiosity and a willingness to be with what is.”  Given the amount of time we all tend to spend rehashing the past, or rehearsing for an imagined future, our practice in the Camarillo Yoga room is all about waking up to the “now” of our lives, using our breath as a guide to our moment by moment experience.  This practice of slowing down, being patient, keeping our sense of humor and being compassionate with ourselves can be an antidote to the frantic pace of our lives, so we don’t look back and wonder where the day, the month, the year, went… we know-  because we were there, we were present.  Mindfulness helps us to be awake, and to live our lives as though they really matter.

     We also practice Laughter Yoga, a scientifically proven way to reduce stress without needing to tell jokes!

     Our Friday night Ballroom Dancing classes are fun and friendly, even for those who have two left feet and no dance experience.  Our mission is to help everyone feel included!

     Finally, the practice of Karma Yoga is essential to us at Camarillo Yoga.  Karma in our practice isn’t something that happens in a next life, or catches up with you down the road.  “Instant Karma” happens when you smile at someone on the next mat, or help them put their props away.  Our classes aren’t simply about an individual “getting his/her needs met” but about all of us learning together, from one another, with one another.  Unlike anonymous  “workout centers” we enjoy the company of our fellow human beings, in a world where more and more connection happens virtually.  Karma Yoga is also practiced at CYC through our service to RAIN Transitional Living Center for Homeless Families www.raincommunities.org   Fundraisers, group picnics with RAIN and CYC families, donations of usable goods, and volunteering at the RAIN Facility are all ways that we can choose to give back with gratitude for our lives, which despite our challenges, are so very fortunate.

     I often tell my students I feel like the teacher in Romper Room.  Walking in, I see the faces of people I know, care about and feel connected to.  I hope that you will join us, so that you can be one of them!

With peace & joy,



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