Meet Our Teachers

Camarillo Yoga Teachers are real people, just like you…Not flexy-bendy pretzels in white leotards with perfect hair and whispery voices. We all feel that yoga is a gift in our lives, and we teach to share that gift.

We are trained to work with people of all shapes and sizes and levels of physical ability, We encourage you to discuss with us any concerns or challenges regarding yoga practice. Please introduce yourself to us if you are new…we are looking forward to sharing yoga with you!




Audrey Walzer
Yoga Teacher; Owner/Director, Camarillo Yoga Center

If I had a penny for every Warrior 2 I have done in the decades I have taught and practiced yoga, I would be as rich as a celebrity yoga teacher! Instead, my life is enriched by living in Camarillo for the last 19 years, teaching yoga to a warm and wonderful community of people, from 6 weeks to 97 years of age. I am moved to tears each Thanksgiving, when our yoga room is crowded to overflowing with faces of students who have become friends, all of us grateful for the gift of yoga in our lives.

Yoga has healed my body, banishing the back pain which caused me to begin, and rehabilitating knees which required three surgeries after a hiking fall. Yoga keeps my joints lubricated, my bones strong and my muscles supple, so now in my mid-fifties, I feel healthy and confident. Yoga has grounded me through life’s difficulties, and helped me to appreciate the simple things- the tender and never-to-arise-again moments that are easily missed in the headlong rush of daily life. Yoga has been my shelter… I simply can’t imagine life without yoga practice.

My classes are a blend of Iyengar and Viniyoga, with liberal doses of traditions ranging from Astanga to Kundalini- a synthesis of the gifts of every teacher I have ever studied with, and every practitioner I have ever taught. My teaching is completely indebted to them.

Alice Babich

Alice teaches Ultra Gentle Yoga, and both Level 1 and Level 1-2 Adult Yoga classes.

Allison and Andy Barton

Allison teaches Level 2 Adult Yoga classes on Monday and Thursday afternoons, plus very early Wednesday morning. Andy teaches Level 2 through 4 Adult Yoga classes when he’s not flying passenger airplanes (because yoga saved his flying career – click for his article).

Ann Patricio

Ann teaches the NIA classes Tuesday morning and Thursday evening.

Anthony Lorenzana

Anthony teaches Level 1 Adult Yoga classes Sunday afternoons. 


Ayn Devera

Ayn Devera owns Inner Soulstice Wellness in Ventura .  She blends movement inquiry, functional biomechanics, and energy exploration to make the Sunday morning Yoga 3 class both energizing and enlightening!

Christi Harman

Christi teaches Ultra Gentle Adult Yoga classes.

Don Thielen

Don teaches Level 1 Adult Yoga classes during the evenings.

Janet Snyder

Janet teaches many dance forms in her weekly Friday evening Ballroom Dancing for Everyone classes.

Jennifer Gados

Jennifer teaches the Yoga for Teen/Tween Girls.

Julie Markovitz

Julie is a Certified Yoga Instructor with over 30 years experience teaching yoga and creative movement to children. She teaches the Yoga for Boys & Girls (6-10) class.

Karen Davis

Karen teaches Level 2 and 3 Adult Yoga classes. 


Michele Campero

Michele teaches Level 2 and 3 Adult Yoga classes, along with the Restorative Yoga with Meditation classes every other Sunday evening. Also join her Friday evenings for Level 2 Flow with Relaxation Meditation Yoga.


Mike Cogan

Mike teaches Level 1 and 2 Adult Yoga classes, on Wednesday evenings.


Peggie teaches Level 1 and Level 1-2 Adult Yoga classes.

Suzanne Brenner

Suzanne teaches Level 2 and 2-3 Adult Yoga classes.

Tara Stivers

Tara teaches the Pre-Natal Yoga and Birth Preparation class every Sunday morning.

Jim and Joan

Jim and Joan share the Free! Laughter Yoga leads every 2nd and 4th Saturdays.