Become a Camarillo Yoga Center Member

70% of our CYC students are Members, which means they receive unlimited adult classes 7 days a week, for $85 per month, paid by cash, check or MC/Visa once a month—a significant savings over the single class price for the regular yoga practitioner. We will never pressure you to become a member. However, if you plan to come to class at least twice per week, membership may make sense for you.

More benefits of CYC membership:

  • First-time members receive a complimentary t-shirt.
  • First-time members receive a Free Bodywork Session at Functional Health and Wellness ($90 value): Pick up your gift certificate at CYC when you bring in your completed membership form.
  • Members receive a 10% discount on all purchases of yoga supplies, books, CD’s and clothing.
  • Membership includes all of the following classes at no extra fee:
    • Unlimited Adult Yoga classes
    • Our Restorative Workshop twice per month.
    • Unlimited NIA Classes.
    • In-house workshops and events, 
    • Discounts on guest teachers or speakers workshops.
    • Bring out of town guests for a free first class.
  • Members who join with a spouse, sibling or adult child, also receive a 5% discount on fees!

Members are more likely to come to class and benefit from regular practice. Because if you’ve paid for it, you’ll go! (You know it’s true!)

I encourage you to join our membership program and receive 6 months of unlimited classes for only $85 per month. We have an incredible community of yoga students and teachers at Camarillo Yoga, who would all say yoga has been transformative in their lives. If you have any questions, please e-mail me. I am looking forward to sharing your growth in yoga, and your participation in making Camarillo Yoga a warm and welcoming place for everyone!

Namaste, Audrey



Click here for a Membership Form. Please sign and date and bring to class with you!