Yoga is for Every Body

At Camarillo Yoga Center, our motto is: Yoga is for Every Body!

But in yoga, one size does not fit all!

So please take the time to explore our class pages, and see which practice seems to resonate for this time in your life!   Remember, if you are an adult beginner, regardless of your level of athleticism,  it is always useful to begin in Yoga 1, to learn the fundamentals. This way you will have a practice that is intelligent and educated, rather than simply imitative.  Once you understand the breathing and fundamental alignment, you are welcome to attend more vigorous classes. 

We also have classes geared for aerobics, rhythmic movement and laughter.

If you have a significant injury or physical challenge, please feel free to contact Audrey  to determine which class will be best for you.

Click the boxes below to find out more about each type of class.  We are looking forward to sharing yoga with you! 

Adult Yoga Classes Restorative Yoga Private Yoga Lessons
Pre-natal Yoga &
Birth Preparation
Infant Massage &
Baby’s First Months
Non-Impact Aerobics
Mindfulness Meditation Ballroom Dancing for Everyone Yoga at Work
Yoga for Teen/Tween Girls Laughter Yoga Yoga for Boys & Girls
More than one way to do Down Dog
You Don't Have to Be Flexible to Do Yoga!