Adult Yoga Class Descriptions

At CYC, Yoga is for Every Body! Scroll down to see which class fits your level of experience.

Ultra-Gentle Yoga for All Ages

This safe and slower-moving class is designed for seniors and people of all ages with physical challenges, or those who might be recovering from an injury. We work gently to increase range of motion in shoulders, back, hips and legs, to develop better balance, core awareness and breath awareness. Each class has time at the end for quieting the mind to reduce anxiety and stress, and provide relaxation and renewal.

Please note: This is not a chair yoga class. Students should be able to stand unassisted, but many of our practices are done with props, including the wall and chairs, so help is available. You do not need to get down on the floor to attend this class. If you require more specific help, or cannot stand, we offer in-home lessons for seniors on a limited basis. Please click here for more information.

Yoga 1

Is the place for people of all ages to learn the fundamentals of breathing and postural alignment.  Even if you are athletic, we suggest you begin in Yoga 1 to develop a practice that is educated and not imitative.  We appreciate when you take the time to learn the fundamentals before attending other classes. Yoga 1  practices  increase range of motion, strength, body awareness and balance, and focused ujayii breathing with core muscle awareness is utilized throughout.  The pace of Yoga 1 makes time for thorough instruction, finishing with time to quiet the mind and deeply relax.

Yoga 2

A class for those who understand the fundamentals of Yoga 1, which expands to include more upper body strengthening, in practices like downward facing dog, plank, and dolphin. Standing poses are developed, and more core strengthening practice is added. We always spend quiet, meditative time at the beginning and end of class, so that the overall experience is rejuvenating!

Yoga 3

For students with no current injuries who are thoroughly familiar with asana alignment and yoga breathing.  This class incorporates “vinyasa,” linking sequences of movements, building body awareness, strength and stamina.  Basic inversions are included in this class. 

Yoga 4

A challenging class for adults with no injuries, who are physically fit, and firmly grounded in Ujayii breathing and asana alignment.  Yoga 4 further develops stamina and mindfulness through postures which require balanced strength and flexibility.  If you have never practiced yoga but want a strong workout, we request that you begin in the Fundamental classes before attending Yoga 4.


Yoga Flow

Flow classes use music and flow from one posture to another with rhythmic and coordinated breathing.  These classes are meant as “practice sessions” for those who already understand the fundamentals of the level, to practice what they have learned without detailed instruction.  We recommend that beginning students take instructional classes before attending “Flow.”