Baby Yoga & Infant Massage

With Lori Hill

Weekly on Thursdays 12:00 – 1:00 pm

No registration required
Cost: $15 per class or $55 for 4 classes

Please bring your own oil for massage
Suggestions: Jojoba, grapeseed, apricot, or other natural oil

There is no better way to bond with your little one than through loving touch!

Did you know that Touch is the first sense to fully develop in the womb? Babies need loving touch to thrive, just as they need food.

Sharing nurturing massage with your baby can:

  • Promote bonding and communication between baby and parents
  • Contribute to brain development
  • Lay the groundwork for positive self-esteem, respect and trust
  • Reduce stress for baby and relax Mom and Dad
  • Improve circulation, relieve gas/colic, and provide other physical benefits
  • Help baby sleep.

In this workshop, you will have fun learning the art of infant massage, share songs and kinesthetic movements with your baby, and learn gentle yoga stretches for parents that help loosen up tired backs and shoulders.

Ages six weeks to active crawling stage, with permission from baby’s physician.

Lori Hill (with baby Ray Hill) is a longtime Camarillo Yoga teacher.  We are thrilled to have Lori & Ray share baby yoga and infant massage with moms and babies as a regular ongoing class.  We hope this will be a venue for support, information, and community! 



“My husband and I both decided to take the baby massage class so that both of us could bond with our baby. We learned some fun games and songs that we probably would not have learned had we not gone to the class, and my baby loves them! We have incorporated massage into our nighttime routine and this calms our baby down and prepares him for sleep that usually lasts all night (not sure how much the massage plays a role in this, but I will never skip a massage at night, even if it is only 30 seconds long). So whether it is me or my hubby who puts him to bed, my son knows he will get a massage. Another great thing about this class is it gets women together with babies who are about the same age. The women in my class still meet and share baby things months after the class has ended. This class is a must for new moms (and dads)!”

- Shelby, Ryan and baby Tucker

“Thank you so much for all of your help, Tara! I know that your encouragement and knowledge of prenatal yoga helped me so much for the birth of Ismael. I am so grateful for your instruction. I recommend your classes to everyone that is pregnant. And thank you for the baby massage, you are an amazing teacher. I learned so much. The classes helped me to bond with Ismael through the massage. I use it almost every night, it’s part of our bedtime routine. It helps to calm down Ismael.”

- Soraya and baby Ismael

Babywearing 101

Please check back for date of next workshop

This class is designed for new and expecting moms/parents to learn everything about Babywearing. When done safely, Babywearing can offer many physical and emotional benefits for both the parent and the baby. It can help ease a woman’s transition into motherhood and help her baby thrive and be happier. Come learn more from Ivonne Gonzalez of “Hip Mommy.”

  • Learn about Babywearing and its wonderful benefits.
  • Learn how to safely and comfortably carry your baby from birth through toddler years.
  • Learn about the different types of carriers: wraps, ring slings, mei tais and soft-structured.
  • Learn different ways of wearing a carrier: front, hip, back and nursing in a carrier.

There will be some time at the end of the class for parents to try on different carriers and receive hands on help. 

Please register in advance through Hip Mommy

You can pay online, or pay at the class.