Private Yoga Lessons


Camarillo Yoga Center

One-to-One Lessons
with Audrey Walzer

“Voted Ventura County’s Best”
Yoga Teacher 2011 – 2019


Audrey’s knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics has won the respect of Camarillo Yoga Center students since 2000. Physicians, chiropractors and physical therapists across Ventura County recommend her classes.

She has trained other yoga teachers, professional athletes, former couch potatoes and everyone in between!


Why Private Lessons?

While Camarillo Yoga Center’s classes are very instructional, with each teacher walking around and helping students rather than standing in the front and demonstrating, sometimes a little one-to-one attention can be very helpful.

Or hear how one lesson convinced George. And what a difference a single year of consistent and gentle yoga practice has made to his life and golf game.


Audrey sets aside time each week to work privately with you, if you wish to:

  • Refine and deepen your yoga practice, and delve into questions specific to you
  • Modify your practice due to a physical issue or chronic condition
  • Review practices from your Physical Therapist or other medical professional, to clarify and ensure you are practicing correctly
  • Learn practices you can do at home to supplement your in-class yoga, and work specifically on your needs
  • Develop a routine for travel that is specific to you
  • Review Audrey’s DVD “Yoga for Home, Office & Travel” for home use
Fees: $100 90 minute lesson
$270 Three 90 minute lessons


Interested in a private lesson? E-mail Audrey to discuss your situation and schedule an appointment. (If the above link doesn’t work, then lick on the “Contact Us web page” and fill in the fields, making sure to mention “Private Lessons” in the Subject line!)

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