Yoga 3 – 4 Skills-Building Workshop

with Audrey Walzer

On Fall Hiatus for September and October


3rd Saturday
of the month

1 – 3pm$20
(Free to CYC 6-month members) 

Learn from the Best!

CYC Yoga Owner Audrey Walzer has been voted “Ventura County’s Best” yoga teacher 6 years in a row. With 40 years teaching experience and a wealth of biomechanical and anatomical knowledge, Audrey will help you develop your practice in a way that is safe and useful.

Get Stronger and Practice Smarter!

Audrey’s work with Olympians and professional athletes informs her teaching philosophy: You don’t develop greater skill and efficiency simply by trying harder! As in any athletic endeavor, gaining greater skill in yoga asana comes from developing the component parts of the practice (progressions) so that the final skill becomes effortless. A strong practice that helps you live in a healthier, more balanced body is the goal of more advanced yoga practices, not simply being able to show off with poorly executed “party tricks”. An elegant practice comes from the ease which alignment provides. Your practice will feel delicious and relaxing, even when it is vigorous!

Previous Yoga Experience Required, with No Current Injuries

If you are new to Yoga, please consider attending our Fundamentals Workshop and our Yoga 1 & 2 classes first. Then, join us to learn practices such as:

  • Sun Salutations A & B
  • Standing pose variations on Ardha Chandrasana, Parivritta Ardha Chandrasana, Virbhadrasana 3
  • Back bend postures Ustrasana, Setu Bhanda Sarvangasana, Urdhva Dhanurasana
  • Inversions
  • Arm Balances
  • Seated Twists and Forward Bends

Each class will provide variations suited to body type. Not every posture is suited to every body!


drew-wheel mike_side jon-purvotanasana