Mindfulness for Educators

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Summer Afternoon series:
Wednesdays, June 19 – July 17, 12 Noon – 3 PM
Summer Evening series:
Wednesdays, July 24 – Aug. 21, 6:15 – 9 PM

Onsite Classes

Email Audrey about onsite Mindfulness for Educators at your school(s).

“Mindfulness” is a science-based, secular class.

What Participants Say!

What Participants Say!

  • Mindfulness for Educators

    Participants Speak!

    This was outstanding. I would love to require this for all teachers, but that would be a counter-productive to mindfulness so I will try to model the benefits of mindfulness myself!

    --Oak Park Educator

  • I LOVED the workshop and Audrey, every single word she said was meaningful and I absolutely see myself joining another session with her in the future. To me today's PD was a gift.

    -- Oak Park Educator

  • I’ve already utilized being present in the moment, belly & ocean breathing, and I plan to use mindful breathing as brain breaks and/or at morning meeting time with my students this school year.

    -- Oak Park Educator

  • I just can't thank you enough for an incredible 5 weeks over the summer and the half-day you did with us at Oak Park High School. I had the very best start to any school year ever last week; it was calm, fun and I was engaged and present the entire time. I owe it to your instruction!

  • I found this training eye-opening and inspiring. I would love to take further training sessions on this topic

    -- Oak Park Educator

  • Audrey is on another level! ... Her instruction took me to a place I need to go. Thanks for arranging these amazing opportunities.

    -- Oak Park Educator

  • You don't have to sit cross-legged on the floor to practice Mindfulness Meditation!

  • I’ve already given positive feedback to some colleagues and I plan to sign up for future sessions with Audrey. Thank you for this opportunity. I cannot tell you how nice it is to work for a school district whose leadership supports educators’ mental well-being. It gives me permission to make it a priority in my life.

    -- Oak Park Educator

  • Audrey’s scientific, brain-based approach grabbed teachers’ interest and put them at ease. The mindfulness techniques she presented emphasize the importance of self-care in the demanding, ever-changing field of education. Staff members also learned valuable strategies for lowering student anxiety and increasing focus in the classroom.

    Aileen Wall
    Principal, Walnut Elementary School

  • Best 4 hours ever! Please do more. I feel we only scratched the surface of information.

    -- Oak Park Educator

  • The Mindfulness Class with Audrey has changed my life. I believe it is the perfect antidote for a tough day in education and helps us be calmer with and more appreciative of our students.

    Claudia Frandsen
    Director, Leadership Support Services
    Ventura County Office of Education

Mindfulness For Educators Course fee is $150 and includes:

  • Five (5) structured group sessions with Audrey,
  • Daily Mindful Self-Care Practices,
  • Reading materials,
  • Seventeen (17) Downloadable Guided Meditations,
  • Five weeks of free yoga classes at Camarillo Yoga Center
    Yoga classes are optional and available only to those new to CYC.

This course may qualify for PD credits. Please check with your Administrator.
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Make Work a Joy Again!

Mindfulness is a buzzword in Education for good reason. Regular Mindfulness practice helps adults and children alike down-regulate the stress response and be calmer, more focused and productive, even in busy, difficult times.

Yet despite the hype, many Educators are unsure how to actually practice Mindfulness in an effective, consistent way themselves, let alone share the practice with students. This series is designed to develop a strong foundation of Personal Mindfulness for Educators, nourishing overstressed minds and bodies with science-based meditations and short, effective Mindful self-care practices, in addition to utilizing Mindful Awareness to work more skillfully with difficulties and stressful situations.

As an Educator, being pulled in different directions all day long, with emotions running high, having a regular Mindfulness practice can make the difference between a frenzied day, and a busy day, between an angry interaction and a productive one, and most importantly a chaotic mind or a calm one.

Questions? E-mail Audrey at audrey@camarilloyoga.com

Audrey Walzer has taught thousands of Ventura County residents of all ages, from all walks of life, how to use the tools of Mindfulness to down-regulate the stress response, and live with greater ease and joy, in her 10 Week “Learn Mindfulness Meditation” courses. Founder & director of the Camarillo Yoga Center for 17 years, she has been voted “Ventura County’s Best” yoga teacher since 2011.

Audrey’s work with teachers and administrators has lead to this special summer series for Educators – created to meet the schedule needs of teachers and school staff who may not have time for an immersive class during the school year, and to work specifically with some of the challenges inherent in a school environment.