Welcome to Camarillo Yoga

We are so happy you will be practicing yoga with us! At our yoga school, we attempt to practice mindfulness within ourselves and with one another as much as we can. Here are a few suggestions and some information as you begin, to help you learn about yoga, its tradition and practice.


If you are new to yoga, remember everyone was a beginner once! It takes courage and patience to learn something new, so imagine how you would work with someone learning something you are accomplished at, and treat yourself the same way! Please, take our free articles and educate yourself about yoga. Self-study and reflection outside the yoga room will deepen your practice. Feel free to ask questions, and please tell your teacher about any injuries or medical conditions. We want your practice to support your physical and emotional well-being!


Please always remove your shoes at the door, and carry them inside with you.

We do our best to keep the yoga floor extremely clean. Gum, pet poop, and spit are carried in from the plaza sidewalk on your shoes, ending up on our mats. We have a shoe cubby in our back common area.

Please try not to interrupt a class in session by opening the door.

Many classes are back to back, so check the sign on the door. It will tell you when a class is in session, and when to enter. The teacher will open the door and invite you into class once we have begun moving.

If you are late, please wait to enter.

If you are late, please wait outside until the teacher invites you to enter. If we are meditating, you are welcome once we begin moving. We are all unavoidably late once in awhile, but being on time helps us all to have a more focused, peaceful experience. Please place your mat near the front of the room where there is space, rather than asking others to move their mats once they have begun practice.

Please wait quietly outside.

Sadly, our windows are poorly insulated. Through the window, everything you say is heard by those in final relaxation pose. It is less relaxing if there is conversation outside. Being mindful outside is a kindness!

If you need to leave early-

We understand and are glad you have joined us. Please do make sure you leave before the final relaxation pose so others can be undisturbed. You can ask your teacher to cue you on time; but please note… relaxation is important and helps the body absorb what you have learned. Don’t skip it unless really necessary!

Talking with others while practicing interrupts the meditative experience for everyone.

It’s natural to have feelings while practicing. If you feel like talking, try saying “haaa” instead, and then come back to your breath. This will process the energy of the feeling, and deepen your practice. Before class begins, many of our students like to socialize a little. Some however, come for the peace and quiet, so please talk softly before class.

Please turn non-emergency cell phones off, or leave them in your car.

If you are an on-call physician, please set your phone to ‘vibrate’.

Please don’t step on someone else’s mat.

This is a small deference and sign of respect in the yoga tradition.

When sitting or lying down, please turn your feet to the back of the room.

Again, it is a traditional sign of respect to not point the soles of your feet at your teacher. We keep a picture of the founding teacher of our lineage, Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, at the front of our room, to keep in mind our respect for yoga heritage.

Please let your teacher know if you do not want to be touched.

Our teachers are trained in the art of manually adjusting the alignment of the student while in certain yoga practices, to occasionally help you feel the intention of the practice. This physical touch is done with the greatest care, safety and respect, and we will always ask if we may touch you. We will never ever force or push you. If you do not wish to be touched, please do make your preference known to your teacher; we will not be offended!

Water Bottles and Hats

We have filtered water available if you require it during practice, and water and tea after practice, but bottles on the yoga floor can be a trip factor and a distraction. We request that unless you have a medical condition that requires a hat, please allow your head to be free!

Fragrances and Jewelry

Recognizing that many students are allergic or sensitive, please be fragrance free! This includes personal fragrance- please be respectful and practice personal hygiene. For your safety and the safety of your jewelry, please remove it before class.

Please put all blankets and props away neatly.

Remember, our yoga school isn’t the GAP. Your kind and supportive teacher will need to spend time reorganizing when you leave. Part of valuing the teaching is valuing the teacher’s time and energy!

What kind of yoga are you practicing at Camarillo Yoga?

At our yoga school, we primarily teach a blend of Iyengar and Viniyoga, which both come from the teachings of T.Krishnamacharya, and two of his main students, B.K.S. Iyengar, and T.K.V. Desikachar. Both traditions stress the modification of yoga practice for the individual. All yoga which includes physical postures (asana) is considered Hatha Yoga (pronounced “Ha-ta”) and when we move through practices in a flowing way, linking poses as we do in some classes, it would be considered “Vinyasa” yoga.

Why do you use Sanskrit words? What do “Om” and “Shanti” mean?

We generally use the traditional Sanskrit name for the practices, and also the English translation. The Sanskrit name really gives the intention of the practice and is very precise. For example, “Parsvakonasana.” Parsva = side, or flank. Kona = angle. Asana = pose, or seat. Side angle pose is the English translation, and means a pose where the side of the body is stretched on angle in a stable position.

“Om” is a syllable which has no literal translation, and we do not use it with any religious intention. It does have a very grounding, centering effect when sounded, and so we generally begin and end our classes with this sound. “Shanti” means peace, and we sound it three times at the end of our class, to remind us that yoga at its heart, is about becoming a more peaceful, more loving person.

It is traditional to sound the first shanti for your own inner peace, the second for your family and friends, and the third that all beings everywhere might live in peace.

Please feel free to ask questions as they arise for you! We are grateful to share your yoga journey!

NAMASTE! (The spirit in me, honors the spirit in you)

From your teachers and friends, at Camarillo Yoga